Severe Flooding in Metro Atlanta

Heavy rains have taken their toll in Atlanta and the surrounding area

Several homes and apartments have been damaged in the greater Atlanta metro area.

The flood moved several automobiles in a North Avenue apartment building, causing residents to wonder what to do and how to clean up the mess.

Kristin McAllister spoke with CBS46 and said she watched as people tried to get their cars off of the parking deck.

Mcallister said her and her boyfriend were in the apartment when the rains started. She said after approximately 15 minutes of torrential rain the entire road was flooded. Mcallister went on to say that those living on the bottom row of the apartment complex tried to move their cars to protect them from flooding; however, it soon became apparent that there was nothing they could do.

The bottom row was completely flooded and the rush of water was moving cars and piling them on top of one another.

The force of the flood could be seen all over the apartment complex. Damage occurred to both the exterior of the complex as well as inside more than a dozen apartments. Water removal technicians could be seen getting into different locations with pumps and other equipment.

Residents report that some of their homes had over two feet of standing water inside.

Veronica Smith went on to say that when it rains, the parking lot fills with water. In the past, the water level has gotten over a foot deep and has flooded some of the hallways in the apartment complex.

Portia Bruner of FOX 5 spoke with several residents and discovered that the water level can rise several inches per hour when it rains. They went on to say that they frequently have issues with standing water in and around their vehicles and homes when it rains.

LaShonda Williams said that residents often experience standing water and must wade through mud and water to get to their homes and vehicles.

Maintenance workers did everything they could to minimize the damage by clearing storm drains. The lady in the leasing office reported that the new management of the apartment complex is trying to solve this drainage dilemma.

Elsewhere in the Atlanta metro area, several road were close as streams, rivers and creeks rose suddenly due to the heavy downpours in Atlanta on Wednesday morning.

The water has since gone down and people are calling their insurance companies and AAA to have their cars moved. Maintenance crews are inspecting the damage to the area and working to develop ways to prevent this from occurring in the future.