hey folks, this is Mira, a member of WMHC’s dedicated DJ posse. I recently went through a whole passel of CDs, and among them was the new-ish album, The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations’ Millennium General Assembly, from Le Loup. I always try and check up on what other people have said when I’m reviewing albums — the idea is to provide balance & context but the unfortunate side effect is that I end up criticizing other reviewers, or criticizing the band’s image, than actually looking at the music for what it is. Amusingly enough, Pitchfork is just as guilty of that on their review of Throne of the Third Et Cetera. I read a blog about their review of the Cold War Kids album Robbers and Cowards (unfortunately I can’t find it now) that suggested Marc Hogan’s negative rating was essentially a middle finger flipped at blog- and Myspace-centered hype. Since Le Loup has been described as “DC’s Arcade Fire” and Pitchfork, of course, was the main factor in the frenzy about that particular band, Pitchfork might be feeling like they’ve created a monster.